A Day At The Nursery

Little Treasures Day Nursery



Every day is different at Little Treasures, different children, different interests even the different weather has an impact on how the day will run but everyday we provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment for your child. 

A typical day will consist of the following:

Arrival time

Welcome time - with self registration, hello song and a little discussion 

Free Play - where the children choose where, what and with whom they play with.  Staff observe childrens play 

Snack time - children choose whether they would like snack and are encouraged to pour their own drinks of milk or water and cut up their snack

Group time - this is done in key worker groups and is based on the children's next steps or interests

Disco Dough or Funky Fingers - a short session on using our fine motor skills and following and giving  instructions

Outdoor Play - children get to use their physical skills and imagination skills

Critical Thinking and Learning Time - opportunities are provided to develop thinking skills, solving problems, and learning new skills

Story and songs


Each day activities are planned so that children gain meaningful experiences either directly or indirectly through the use of resources, with peers and staff.  Activities can include: art and craft, dancing, singing, listening to music, stories, fine motor skills, cooking, drama, puppets, science, homecorner play, role play, counting, outings, messy play, nappy changing, phsical skills, problem solving, digging, turn taking,  building and being outside.