Mission Statement

Little Treasures Day Nursery

Our Mission Statement is:


To promote Positivity, Play and Progress in every child.

To achieve this we:

* Provide a high quality service to all our customers

* Provide a safe and stimulating environment where children feel safe and secure and parents feel confident and positive to leave their child

* Have an open door policy where parents are welcome to come to speak to any member of staff or manager

* Ensure that everyone is happy, friendly and welcomed

* Know the children and their family and can meet their needs and wishes.

* Positively challenge children's learning, allowing them to achieve with confidence and to 'have a go' at new activities.

* Put the children at the heart of our decisions and value them as individuals

* Encourage children to have a positive self image, be able to communicate confidently and to value and show respect for others

* Teach respect, politeness and courtesy 

* Have a key person who makes secure and positive relationships with your child

* Deliver a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum  

* Give praise to all children and give a positive sense of achievement

* Create new friendships and work together

* Provide opportunities for the children to learn through play and to follow their interests.

* Have fun, provide new experiences and challenges

* Follow the children's learning and development through observations, planning and assessments

* Train staff in all areas and provide them with plenty of learning opportunities and experiences.