Little TreasureS DAY NURSERY


Everyone loves great food and for growing children it is really important that they get a healthy and balanced diet which meets thier nutritional needs.  Each full day we provide breakfast, morning snack, dinner, afternoon snack and a light tea.  All children have access to fresh drinking water throughout the day and are offered milk at snack times.  Each meal time is relaxed, happy and a sociable event where learning takes place.  The children learn about hygiene and the importance of washing their hands, they help give out the cups, plates and cutlery and this introduces simple Mathematic skills by counting, adding one more and counting the children. As well as Mathematical skills they are encouraged to use their manners and language is used to descibe what they are eating, the textures, tastes and talking about where food comes from.  Physical Develop skills are introduced as they learn to cut their foods and use cutlery correctly.  So much learning takes place at meal times.

Our nursery cook prides herself on cooking fresh meals for the children and loves seeing empty plates.  Our aim is to provide home cooked meals for the children, using locally resources foods and suppliers.  We use Alison's grandads farm for potatoes, leeks and onions.  We like to share our recipes with parents to try the meals at home and we welcome any ideas.  We currently run a 4 week menu cycle to ensure that we provide the children with a variety of different foods such as curry, casseroles, pasta bakes, vegatarian dishes and fish dishes.  You can view the weeks menu in the entrance or on our Facebook page.

We provide meals for all children from 6 months to 5 years.  We ensure we meet the dietary requirements, medical, cultural and religious purposes.  If your child develops an allergy or intolerance after enrolment it is your responsibility to make the cook and nursery manager aware so we can update their records and risk assess.  In the entrance you can find all the information on allergies.  We are happy to help and can cater for all.

Weaning is the process of moving your baby from a diet of milk to solid food.  When your baby is ready to start weaning we will happily prepare fresh fruit and vegetables to help this process and allow your child to experiment with different flavours and textures. Parents will be kept informed what their baby has eaten each day.   We will start with puree foods and gradually introduce lumps to the food.  If your child does not eat our dinner then we do have back up supplies that we can provide. (Cow and Gate or Hipp.  We also encourage Baby led wearning.

If your baby still needs a bottle during the day then all you have to do is bring your formula and a bottle and we will do the rest.  We will prepare baby bottles when needed. 

We do encourage breastfeeding mothers to come in at anytime to feed their baby, we can also store breast milk in the fridge or freezer as long as it is named.  If you require any help or advice with breast feeding then Alison is a La Leche Breastfeeding Peer counsellor.  

All our staff hold paediatric first aid and are present at mealtimes.  Great care is taken when chopping up food to prevent the potential cause or difficulty swallowing whole or round foods.  Food is chopped into quarters.