Little TreasureS DAY NURSERY


The entrance is where you start your adventure at Little Treasures.  Here you will find all the information you need from: menus, policies, staff first aid certificates, staff photograph board and job descriptions, signing in book, Ofsted certificate and Insurance Certificate, parent board and updates.  There is plenty to see in the entrance with a great Pirate theme.  From the entrance there are fingerprint entry systems in place along with intercoms.  Security is paramount at Little Treasures.

This room was opened in September 2016 and has been very successful.  Teeny Treasures is a cosy, warm and loving room for the babies 0-1 years of age and non mobile children.  This room caters for 6 babies and strong attachments are formed in this room giving the children confidence to move to the next stage.  There are plenty of exploring opportunities in here through treasures baskets, black and white, sensory equipment and activities.

Once children are confident and mobile they progress to the Little Treasures Room where we cater for 12 children.  This is a much bigger room for the children to move and play, there is a climbing frame and slide, cosy nook, sensory boards, messy area, and lots of resources and toys.  Children in this room are learning new skills all the time and making relationships so we encourage lots of opportunities to play, to share and to be physical.  

This room caters for 15 children from the age of 2 and when they are ready.  The pirate themed room is great for the children and creates a warm, welcoming and exciting place to be.  There is a messy area, dressing up, games table, small world, building area, cosy nook and the home corner for the children to explore.  Children are encouraged to be independent, to challenge themselves and to form strong relationships with their peers.  All these skills will help develop their confidence and life skills.  

This room is designed for 16 children the year prior to going to school.  The children are confident, independent and ready to learn new skills for school.  In this room there is a home corner, construction and building area, investigation area, messy area, cosy nook and writing station.  The children begin to learn to write their names, recognise phonics, count to 10, learn their shapes, be able to to dress independently and ask for help when needed.  

The outdoors is small but effective for the children, the gazebo can be a nice cosy reading nook or chill out zone or the children can swing on the tyres.  There is a small garden area where the children grow plants, herbs and vegetables.  Our mud kitchen gives the children the opportunity to explore different textures and experiments, along with role play.  There are outdoor bikes, scooters, balance beams, balls, tyres, hoops, building materials for dens, bricks and chalk boards.  Children are often taken to the local park for a run about, football, climbing or walks around the local community.