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Little Treasures Day Nursery opened in January 2008 and is situated in the heart of Skegness on Algitha Road.  Little Treasures is a home from home nursery that provides care for every child and their family.  The nursery is open 51 weeks per year (closed between Christmas and new year) opening Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm.  There is nursery parking on the front of the building for drop off and collection and off road parking.  The nursery has a lovely warm and welcoming atmosphere with a nautical theme that adds excitement for the children.

At Little Treasures Day Nursery we strive to ensure your childs safety is paramount at all times.  We are a very secure nursery with a robust fingerprint entry system in place, CCTV cameras, our doors have magnetic release buttons and we have a high fence securing the outdoors. There is a strict no mobile phone policy in place whilst in the building for visitors and staff phones are locked away until break times.  We have a gate on the stairs to prevent accidents and low banisters for the children to hold on to when on the stairs.  We have a very strong recruitment process in place in order to employ the best staff to care for your child, which includes references, DBS, qualification check, interview procedure and 6 month probation period.

The nursery is a converted semi detached house and provides care for children over 2 floors. Upstairs we have our  'Teeny Treasures Room' (6 weeks to 1 year old) and our 'Little Treasures Room'  (1year old to 2 years old)  the nursery kichen, laundry and store room, toilet, staff room and managers office.  Downstairs consists of a welcoming entrance,  our 'Pirates Room' (2-3 years)  our 'Captains Room'  (3-5 years) understairs cupboard,and toilets.  There is a platform lift that can help access both floors more easily.  We have an outdoor area to the rear of the building and a small free flow area for the Pirates where they can explore and run off some energy.  Our outdoor areas are designed to keep the children interested,to promote imaginationand to help develop physical play.

WHATS NEW.......

We are proud to announce that we have a Millies Mark Award which means all our staff who are involved with the children all have paediatric first aid training and certificates.  This means that the staff are conpetent in applying first aid and fully aware of what to do if a child is choking.


We are proud to achieve a new award.  This award was achieved through hard work and evidencing how we care for children in our care, especially children with special educational needs, looked after children and vulnerable families.

We are the first nursery in the area to be trained and to deliver Beach School sessions.  We have 3 fully qualified staff at Beach School Leader Level 3 and our aim is to get the children out in the natural environment to learn and explore using the resources around them.  The learning starts from the minute we leave the nursery, looking at the community, signs, numbers, animals, road safety then the fun begins on the beach.  We have spotted a seal, starfish, crabs, collect pebbles, create art on the beach, paddle in the sea, look through binoculars and magnifying glasses at the flora and we can build camp fires and have hot chocolate and marshmallows with a story.

We have started our year long process in achieving an accredited Curiosity Approach Award in September 2019.  This approach is helping us to achieve the best outcomes for the children at nursery by getting rid of plastic toys and bright colours and creating a more calmer and relaxing environment with real and natural objects for the children to explore and play with.  If a child drops a plastic teapot or cup and saucer, what happens? Nothing, they pick it up and carry on in their play.  Now introducing a real teapot or cup and saucer, the children can hear the sounds as they clang it together or stir with a spoon, they can feel the weight, they learn to take care of it and if they drop it they can try to fix it and realise that more care is needed.

ABOUT ME - Alison Comfort
The nursery manager and owner of Comforts Childcare Ltd.  Alison has been qualified as a nursery nurse since 1998 and has many years experience and knowledge. Alison is trained to Level 5 and is always undertaking training to develop her knowledge and the nursery further. "There is always something new that I can learn and put into practice at the nursery and teach the staff"   Alison married Anthony in 2006 and has 2 children of her own, Lucus and Willow.  Alison is always available and aproachable and welcomes new parents and children to the nursery.

Alison is passionate about the nursery, the children and providing good quality childcare in Skegness.  As a parent herself Alison understands the importance and stress of selecting the right nursery for your child and will help you with every little step during the process to make it easier and happier for all involved.  There is always an open door policy and you are encouraged to telephone if you are worried at any point or to discuss the care of your child.  You can be assured that the time your child spends at Little Treasures will be enjoyable and they will be cared for in the best possible way by the dedicated and friendly team. 

Little Treasures Day Nursery has built up a wonderful reputation through the quality of care, friendliness of staff, service and education that they provide.   This is based on the genuine love and care of working with the children and families. 

"Your child's happiness and well being is of paramount importance to all of us at Little Treasures Day Nursery."